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Saturday Introductory Wine Course

Dates:  Jun 17, Sep 16, Oct 14, Nov 25

Saturday Wines of the World

Dates: Jun 10, Sep 23, Nov 11

Matching Food and Wine

Dates: Sep 20, Oct 17, Nov 21

Wine & Cheese

Dates: Sep 13, Oct 10, Nov 15

The Connoisseur Series - Christmas Reds

Dates: Nov 16

Fine Wine Tasting - Bordeaux

Dates: Oct 19

Champagne Tasting

Dates:  Sep 21, Nov 23

Demystifying Wine

Dates: Sep 19, Nov 14, Nov 22

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I found your beginners course to be the most delightful of events
Alkesh Shah

Venue Address

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Danubius Hotel Regents Park
18 Lodge Road St. John's Wood
London NW8 7JT
+44 (0)20 7722 7722

Please visit the hotel website to book accommodation if you would like to stay overnight.

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tel / mob: 07956 870 772

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